What is a pawn?

A pawn is simply another term for a collateral loan. You bring in an item of value, we determine the loan amount we are willing to give you, and you walk out with cash! We have a 30-day loan term, with a 30-day grace period. When a customer pays the redemption amount, the merchandise is returned to them. If you are unable to pay the redemption price for your item(s), you can always just pay the interest, and the pawn is renewed. All merchandise is stored in our secure, climate controlled warehouse, out of the view of the general public.

how much should i expect for a loan on my item?

Loans amounts are determined by the perceived value of the item. Pawnbrokers use a variety of research tools at their disposal to come up with an offer. Our goal is for both sides to walk away happy, so we keep things fair. Unfortunately, we are unable to make offers any other way than in person, so bring your items in today!

what happens if a customer does not return to reclaim their item(s)?

About 80% of our customers return for their item(s), and many of them are repeat customers. If a person defaults by not repaying the loan, the merchandise becomes our property, and is placed out for sale. That’s where most of our merchandise on our sales floor comes from. However, you also have the option of paying the interest on the loan every month to keep the pawn active.

how can i be sure the merchandise I’m purchasing isn’t stolen?

Less than 0.1% of all pawned merchandise is reported as stolen. Customers must provide positive ID, and we note a detailed description of all items, including model numbers, serial numbers, etc. We work closely with Huntsville PD, and provide them with these descriptions daily. This GREATLY reduces the likelihood of a thief coming into the shop to sell or pawn a stolen item.

why should i buy at a pawn shop instead of at a traditional retail store?

Since the vast majority of our merchandise is previously owned, our prices are significantly lower than retail. We refurbish our jewelry, firearms, electronics, tools, etc., and guarantee our merchandise

What sort of items do you take in for pawn or sale?

We look at ANYTHING of value. We especially love looking at jewelry, firearms, tools, coins, electronics, and musical instruments. Come let us make you an offer!